Welcome to the Team – Sarah

Our new gal is a fresh graduate from her video production program at BCIT, Sarah!


Sarah’s love of video production came from her love of music videos and documentaries. Everyday after school she’d run home and watch MTV and Much Music to watch the latest music videos. Watching behind the scenes videos of how a concept in someone’s mind can be put together and created into an art piece was so intriguing for her. Growing up her favourite things to watch were National Geographic, it amazed her how people could get so close and tell the story of animals. She knew from then she wanted to pursue this as a career. After graduating high school we took some time off to travel and save, and then took the Television and Video production course at BCIT. During her last month she did an internship with us and now she’s a full time employee.


Mike came up with Sarah’s intro video idea, check it out below!

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We started this company in 2012 with one objective; to tell stories of human ambition through immersive, cinematic video – with no bullshit. We’re humble as hell, honest, hardworking, and don’t take ourselves too seriously.
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