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Whether we’re doing the entire shoot, or fixing your production from out of town, detailed pre-production is a major player in the success of our projects. The key to a smooth running shoot is the organization that goes into every detail of scheduling your shoot day(s). Our production managers are an unstoppable team – quoting, casting, location scouting, workback schedules, shoot schedules, did we mention schedules yet?? Our main goal is to take any and all potential stress and worry away from our clients.


Concepting and developing ideas on paper is no easy task. We always consider how your idea will be perceived to your demographic when writing. By having a full team brainstorm at the start of the project, we're able to come up with ideas from all angles, allowing us to explore what's best for your concept.


We work with Vancouver’s elite and trusted casting agencies to provide wide selections of talent to shine in the production. A photo is worth a thousand words, but nothing beats a casting session. We hold these auditions in-house, ensuring there's a high quality selection of talent to find the best for the job.

Shoot Preparation AND FIXING

A million things go into the success of a production, and we have you covered on all of them. Location scouting and rental can be anything from renting a green screen studio, to taking over a grocery store overnight. Whatever your shoot requires, we will make it happen - including all the permitting and paperwork. We also have experience in fixing productions from out of town, too.


We know the importance of planning ahead just as well as we know how to roll with the inevitable punches when working in video production. This includes detailed shoot schedules, industry standard call sheets for cast, crew, and clients, and complete pre-production documents.

I have worked with the Noravera team twice so far as an actor. I can confidently say that this company is truly something special in Vancouver, and they are filling a much-needed gap in terms of creating strong online content for brands. They are innovative, super creative, and very easy-going yet super professional and efficient to work with. And downright fun!
Jennifer Pielak
Premiere Talent


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Your video is important to you and that makes it important to us, too.

Our team puts in 100% effort, quality and heart into every project we work on. We love what we do and it shows. If you have an upcoming video project, give us a shout. Even if you don’t have a video project lined up and you’re curious to see how we can work together, give us a shout!

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