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Video is our superpower. Our top priority is to deliver amazing video content to our clients that they can be proud of. Through education, raising awareness or creating conversion, we get your message across to your audience. We don’t just make beautiful pictures, we create engaging, effective videos that do their job; to make people want to watch them.

What WE do

AWAreness campaigns

Creating awareness for your brand.
Brand awareness is everything. If your potential clients don't know about you... well, you know the rest. Creating amazing video content is what we do, and no awareness campaign is complete without a healthy dose of video. We can help you get eyeballs on your brand.

TELLING your story

Storytelling at it's finest.
Few things are as engaging as a story that people can relate to. When we create storytelling pieces, working closely with clients to really get a feel for their brand and their voice. This isn’t just anyone’s story, this is your story.

Product Launches

3... 2... 1... Launch!
We understand the importance of a product launch. You’ve spent months working on the perfect (insert game-changing app/clothing item/fully automatic thingy here) and now you’ve got to get eyes on it. We work with you to find the perfect strategy. Whether it’s a multi-stage soft launch filled with teasers or a come-out-with-a-bang launch, we can help.

Company Culture

We know you're awesome, but do the people?
Your company is awesome, but how do you get the message out? We can help in a variety of ways, from outward facing recruitment videos, to inward facing culture pieces. When a message needs to be said, we’re there to be your voice… or at least your loudspeaker.

Social Media

Advertising to the masses.
Social media gets a lot of attention, and rightfully so. Entire brands have risen and fallen from it alone, and there’s almost no advertising campaign that doesn’t involve it. When you need your message to reach the masses, social media should be on your mind. We put a lot of time into researching what people want to see and why, and we’re experts at delivering it.
We had a great experience working with Noravera Visuals on a tight timeline. They delivered a killer product. I'd use them again in the future and recommend them to anyone looking for a great video.
Brook Parker
Cotton Carrier Systems
Never have I worked with a company that has poured so much heart into a project.  It is unbelievable how Noravera has been able to capture the incredible moments and immense beauty found in the regions where the Obakki Foundation works, and bring them to life in such beautiful videos.
Treana Peake
Founder, Obakki Foundation

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