The Luna Gimbal

Noravera becomes Lunavera on April Fool’s Day!

Over the last 3 years, Noravera has partnered with BCIT to bring on interns to help educate and build the confidence of students in the Television and Video Production program to get them ready for the workforce. This year the timing worked out well to have them develop a concept and create an April fools video from scratch. They were to produce, film and edit the video using our gear and teams knowledge by asking questions to get a finished result. Here is how the story played out to bring this video to life from through their words:

First off, Ethan Pagnottaro and I (Debbie Wong) had no idea what we were going to do. The Noravera team asked us to create a short video for Noravera’s social media channels. They were so open to all the ideas which made it hard for us to decide on the one to create. After all, we’re just, nervous, timid practicum students from BCIT’s Television and Video Production program.

Thankfully, we had social media at the tips of our fingers; a rich, fertile ground for some serious stalking.

We combed their Instagram and Facebook and soon found inspiration in their various holiday videos. Halloween, Christmas, Saint Patrick’s Day…and the next big day was, naturally, April Fool’s.

I insisted on Luna being the star in the video, no matter what the idea was. Luna is their mascot, and therefore she should be the heart of Noravera. The idea changed throughout the week of planning, from Luna working as a new team member, to shooting a day in the life of Luna, to Luna doing the actual filming. Eventually, it morphed into the Luna Gimbal.

Now, dog gimbals are not new. Our job was to introduce it as a brand new technology that was going to change Noravera forever. Ethan, the YouTube and meme connoisseur, recalled an Apple video introducing the iPhone 5, way back in the day. It featured a man in front of a white background spewing vague things about the iPhone 5 and what made it different.

What made the Luna Gimbal different? Well, first, Luna is the official gimbal operator. Second, Luna is able to provide an “ultra-low angle” that supposedly couldn’t be offered by human videographers. Third – and most importantly – Luna is adorable.

Parody is about exaggeration; we had to write and rewrite the script to make it as hipster-product-worthy as possible. We asked Fraser Amyott, editor at Noravera and fellow BCIT grad (and now, CEO and lead engineer of Luna Corp), to introduce the Luna Gimbal and spiel off a ton of its “unique” features.

Ethan and Geoff had to figure out a way to strap a GoPro onto Luna. Ethan and I were fairly worried about that, but it turned out Geoff had a harness for Luna that worked – even if the GoPro kept slipping off. Ethan got right to work editing it last Friday and early today. We learned various editing tricks and colouring techniques through the process. The team all gave their feedback, which helped us make the video better every time. And I think it turned out pretty great.

Could we have improved upon things? Certainly. But it was fun, and was a great learning experience that the team at Noravera were gracious enough to offer us and assist us with.

Everyday is different at Noravera. We learn something new about editing and production everyday.

Practicum is a fantastic way of learning hands-on what a production company does and how it’s run. We also get a chance to do things we could never do in a formal education setting, such as creating a fun, short video for a company, playing with new equipment (the RED!!) and the flexibility of learning things we actually want to learn (the RED!!).

It’s been a great experience so far, and it’s not over yet. Ethan and I still have two more weeks to go at Noravera. Then it’s back to BCIT and the final grind until graduation.

Happy April Fool’s Day from Ethan, Debbie and the Noravera team! We hope at least one of you were tricked, but I think everyone’s just here for more adorable Luna.

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