Steed Cycles | Shorten The Divide Screening

Last Thursday night we had our second screening of Shorten The Divide at Steed Cycles. It was an awesome night. There were 40 people who attended and they showed up with some great questions.

It was awesome to be able to show the film to a group of riders to see their perspective and get their opinion on the film and ride. Comparative to the MEC screen in December, a lot of the questions were around gear, logistics and what it took from a more physical and equipment standpoint than a mental one, which was much more of a focus for the MEC crowd. 

I hope that the film was able to inspire those who attended to take on a big ride, or just get out there more often to enjoy their bike and the outdoors. Thank you to those who came out to support me as well as the Take A Hike Foundation and the BCSPCA.

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