One year cancer free.

It’s fitting that I would get a call today from my surgeon to go over my test results from my scans back in February. For him to say that as of today I am good to live my life as I see fit as everything looks good and I am more than a year now cancer free, is such an amazing feeling. My next test is a year from now which feels pretty darn awesome.

Last year the BC Cancer Foundation told my story to get people engaged with the Workout To Cancer Campaign. It was humbling and felt so special to be able to share my story to inspire others to move and get healthy to prevent this terrifying and horrible disease.

This year they launched a campaign highlighting a bunch of Cancer survivors and some going through the fight right now. It was a power video put together by the amazing Britney Berner (, who also snapped some photos during the shoot which has one of them featured along with my story in the BC Cancer Foundation Spring 2020 magazine.

Hearing the words “it might be cancer” is one of the most scary things you will ever hear, and I encourage everyone to get active and move every day in the month of may to get as healthy as possible for the rest of your life. It has been a real struggle for me to get my butt in gear since surgery and being set back so far from where I was 5 months earlier at the border of Mexico after cycling the great divide. From a sit up being not possible due to them cutting through all my ab muscles on my right hand side to a 20km bike ride being a huge deal it is not only physically challenging but a major mental one.
I am using this month to get my physical health back on track by eating a healthy diet and moving every day in the month of May. My wife Asa and I have been given the most incredible gift of a baby girl as of January 2020. Seeing her grow and change everyday motivates me more than ever to get healthy so I can live a long healthy life full of adventure and learning to create as many memories as I can with the family.
These are challenging times to say the least spending the majority of our time at home and I encourage you come out of this stronger and healthier than you were going in. Mental health is going to be so important to focus on right now and exercise is the best way to keep the mind on the right track. Get outside, go for a walk, go for a ride or do 10 push ups every our. It all counts. Take care of yourself, tell your loved ones you love them.

If you have the opportunity to donate to the BC Cancer Foundation, please do so. Cancer is still as prevalent as ever, it has only taken a backseat to the Covid-19 crisis temporarily. If money is tight, do your part and move. Whatever you enjoy, just move.

Workout To Conquer Cancer

Wishing you all health and happiness in the months and years ahead.


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