Noravera Retreat 2019

As the year comes to a close we headed up to Whistler for our annual Noravera Retreat.  The retreat is an opportunity to get inspired for the upcoming year and to do some well-earned team bonding outside of the office. The weekend was filled with laughs, amazing food, board games, daring activities and a lot of good vibes.

We arrived in Whistler on Thursday evening around 9pm, and ordered pizza for a late dinner… but that didn’t stop us from playing sardines until 4am. If you’ve ever played Sardines then you’d understand how addicting it can get. If you haven’t played Sardines, then we highly recommend finding a large house and trying to hide a group of grown adults on top of the washing machine. 

It was a bit of a slow start the next morning but can we talk about the fact Carrie makes BOMB french toast. That french toast revived us all to get our butts moving and out of the house for the next activity. 

Adventure numero uno included zip lining and ATVing. Zip lining was a little nerve racking for some of us, but wow what a time! The feeling of flying through the air, over the trees and taking in the beauty of it all was incredible. The clouds parted as we all set off from the first line, and it was sunshine for the rest of the way down. The final of our lines had two lines close enough that the riders could hold hands until the end, which was a romantic, bonding way to end this adrenaline pumping activity!

Two of our guys went ATVing and well…the picture below says a lot. Though they got really wet (driving really fast through mud puddles), the view was well worth it. 

The second day of our retreat, everyone’s significant others came up and met us in Whistler. Getting to know everyone is really beneficial to company bonding and makes our Noravera family feel larger and closer.

Our last activity on our trip was a unique experience that none of us had tried before!

If you haven’t tried AXE throwing before we HIGHLY recommend. Shout out to the guys at ForgedAXE for making the experience so fun with awesome instructions for the best throwing techniques, a little friendly competition, and for snagging this amazing group photo of us – it’s one for the books. 

The weekend is one we will cherish and remember fondly forever . We left feeling fortunate to work with people we consider friends and family, looking forward to what the New Year will bring for Noravera and seriously considering starting a professional Sardines league.

Okay can we go back already…

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