Noravera Pride

We hope everyone had an amazing Pride month, celebrating with laughter, happiness and love! We want to share a little of our Noravera Pride with the rest of you.


Pride, Pride defines as ‘a feeling or deep pleasure or satisfaction derived from one’s own achievements’ and that’s exactly how we should celebrate. Everyone deserves to be loved and love who they want because it’s what makes them happy. And happiness looks good on everyone.

Heres some fun facts:


  • Did you know there’s more than one Pride flag.

  • Each of the colours of the flag represent something

Here at Noravera Pride means something to all of us in many different ways, so I asked everyone in the office to tell me what Pride means to them.


Fraser: What does pride mean to me? Pride month represents our countries love of expression and freedom for everyone! The hashtag #lovewins is powerful and can be applied to many things in life 🙂

Mike: Pride is important because everyone should be equal no matter what their sexual orientation. Pride to me means being proud of who you are, who your friends/family are.


Carrie: Pride is important to me because love is one of the greatest things you can share with others and we should embrace and encourage all love equally. I am a proud ally and count myself so lucky to live in a place and time where the LGBTQ community is embraced and supported. But I also know that unfortunately that isn’t the case everywhere and there are still hurdles and challenges to overcome for many people. That is why pride is so important. Love is love and until that is widely accepted we need to keep fighting and keep supporting each other. I strongly believe that both positivity and negativity are extremely contagious, so we need to make sure the love is stronger than the hate. We can all work to spread love and support and outshine all the other shit. In the wise words of RuPaul “if you can’t love yourself how in the hell are you gonna love somebody else” AMEN.

Adam: Pride may not be for everyone, and that’s ok. I think the most important thing is that Pride is a place of solace and safety. Not only does it express acceptance but it is synonymous with respect, and it is crucial that it has a place in our communities.

Matt: To this day, one of my favourite projects was getting to animate visuals for a dance piece that was part of the choreographer’s coming out story. I was still really new to animating, but Carlo trusted me to help tell his story and it was one of the most special experiences I’ve had the honour to be apart of. We had never met before this project, and we only worked together for a few weeks, but going through the process of reliving what his journey looked like was such a bonding and emotional experience that I’ll never forget.

(Link below to watch the amazing piece!)

Sarah: Pride to me is being proud of who you are, proud of how far you have come, I think acceptance is also a part of Pride. We must not only accept ourselves for who we are and how we feel, but accept one another, let people love who they want, let everyone freely express themselves to be truly happy. Love is such a beautiful thing, a feeling that everyone in the world deserves to feel and no one should have the right to say someone cannot be with another person.

Leo: Pride to me means tolerance, acceptance and a willingness to love

Ira:Pride, to me, is about self acceptance, and the outward expression of love for one another. It’s also a reminder that being a good ally is participating, supporting, listening to and learning from the marginalized

From all of us here at Noravera, Happy Pride Month!!

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