Matt’s Top 5 Favourite FREE Programs

As one of the editors at Noravera, I get to work with a lot of different tools to help create the best video possible. These are some of my faves that you may not have heard of and best of all, they’re all free!


Anytime I’m writing something down it’s usually going into Notion. I find I can layout information in a clear way really easily, and there are a lot of built in tools that help you organize your info into different layouts.

For example, this is the layout I use to organize all my favourite videos that I was to reference later.


If you’re wanting to explore the world of creating in 3D, Blender is insanely powerful just in general, but especially for being free. I’ve been starting to learn it this past year and there’s a ton of great educational resources being created by people in the community.

Blender Guru

Ian Hubert

Polygon Runway

OBS Studio

OBS Studio is my go-to software for screen recording. It has a ton of different tools built into it and gives a lot of control over the various settings if you want to customize your setup.


PureRef is amazing for quickly organizing visuals assets that you want to reference all together. I use it primarily for mood boards when I want to throw a bunch of different reference images together really easily. You can just drag photos from Pinterest or Google Images to your board and then scale and position them as needed.

For example, this was a board I quickly threw together from Pinterest as I was exploring some retro typography designs.


With iPhone footage being more common than ever, Handbrake has been super helpful to transcode footage into codecs that are more easily usable.

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