Six Things to Consider Before Choosing a Video Production Agency

Choosing the right video production agency is an important decision. There are many attributes to look for when selecting the team to bring your vision to screen. Now we can’t give away our secrets, but here are six things to consider before choosing a video production agency that will help you separate them from the rest.

Tofino, BC

Seeing things from both sides 

As a film production agency, we are constantly striving to produce fun and entertaining media in collaboration with our clients. Successful relationships take time and come from valuing the opportunities our clients provide us with. Always listen to concerns and build up a picture of their world. Focus on the client’s story rather than your own. Remember if your client is successful, so are you!

Set the bar, then set it higher

Whenever we have a successful campaign we debrief and discuss what worked and then dive into how we can make it better. One of the best ways to build relationships in film, is to show the client how you are continuously improving your trade and pushing the industry. Recently, we began incorporating strategic distribution strategies with our content. This added touch is our way of saying we believe in what we have produced.

Vancouver, BC

Everything in front of the camera matters

Location, wardrobe, talent, hair and makeup. These are just some of the elements that affect the visual perception and image quality of a film. Our team includes many talents but having staff with extensive experience in post-production workflow goes a long way. This knowledge saves the day and mitigates issues that may arise during production. Being able to show your client the intended visuals on screen during the set is a real advantage.

A rare eye for beauty 

Having a cinematographer with a natural instinct for aesthetic beauty is a huge asset for a production team. It helps you develop a brand persona and a level of quality that a client craves. A rare eye for beauty is a result of getting out there, exploring the world and seeing things from a new perspective. From these experiences comes the approach of using the tools we have masters within the art of storytelling.

Whistler, BC

In-house collaboration is key

Having a team in-house allows us to take on projects quickly and efficiently. An in-sync team working together as one unit can accomplish a lot more than a freelance crew. Film production agencies are on top of storytelling trends and can offer a fresh perspective. If you need a quick turnover on a project, look for an agency that does everything in-house.

Love what you do

At the end of the day, we are making movies. Our Producers constantly remind us of this fact. Yes, film production is stressful, requires long days and hard work. However, we see it as a privilege to be able to produce media in support of our favorite brands to inspire their audiences. Our paths within film, marketing, and advertising manifested itself. If you truly love a trade, everything else will fall into the place.

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Written by noravera
November 23, 2016