Fuel your lifestyle with Barons of Beef

The Barons of Beef is Vancouver’s only 100% grass fed beef and pasture raised meat delivery company. They believe nutritious foods are critical in optimizing your body’s performance. Check out the latest film and photos from the set of Barons of Beef new “Fuel Your Lifestyle” video.

Director: Jon Flahr
Cinematographer: Brian Ceci
Producer: Geoff Livingston
Editing: Callum McGuffie and Jon Flahr
Music Composition: Georges Couling
Talent: Thea Lund, Warren Krinsky, Marc Noble and Jana Finkbiner
Colour Transfer: Jon Flahr
Associate Producers: Cam MacDougal and Dillon Zolnierczyk

Cinematographer Brian Ceci straps on the rollerblades to get the shot

On-location trying our best to keep up with Marc Noble

Geoff Livingston, Jon Flahr and Cam MacDougal reviewing the footage.

We got to work with some amazing talent- thanks Thea, Warren, Marc and Jana for all your help!

Trail running with Thea Lund

Screen-grab of Warren Krinsky biking in Stanley Park

Filming with Jana- this shoot was a lot of fun!

Jon Flahr and Brian Ceci on-set with Barons of Beef

Thea Lund taking a break from trail running near Prospect Point in Stanley Park

Written by noravera
February 6, 2017