Spin Society expands to North Vancouver

Spin Society has taken group fitness to the next level with rides focused on empowerment and transformation. Their success hasn’t gone unnoticed having recently been awarded one of the best Spin Classes in Westender’s Best of City 2017. After a successful couple of years, they launched their second location in North Vancouver.

We had the opportunity to chat with the studio’s founder Dominik Desbois to learn more about Spin Society and their latest “This Is Our Playground” video campaign.

Tell us about your first spin experience, how did you get into it initially?

As the story often goes, just one ride and I was hooked. My wife Negar, and Spin Society co-founder has been a “spin addict” for years and when she finally convinced me to hop on the bike next to her, I was blown away. When properly executed, a spin class can make you feel the full spectrum of emotions. You laugh, you cry, you dig deep and you somehow never want it to end. My first spin experience left me completely spent, but on an incredible emotional high. It was a performance for the ages and I couldn’t quite make sense of what had just happened but in a good way.

What inspired you to start Spin Society?

Quite simply, I felt I could somehow do it better than what was being delivered in Vancouver. At the time, I was in a career slump and uncertain with how satisfied I’d be in the long term if I maintained the status quo. So, after that first spin experience, I started doing research on the “spin” movement and put together a vision for what I’d love to feel at a spin studio. The rest is part luck, part hard work. I have the most amazing team anyone could ever wish for. They keep me on my toes and strive for perfection in ways I’ve rarely seen. I owe it all to them.

Tell us about the “This Is Our Playground” campaign?

The “This Is Our Playground” campaign is somewhat of a re-birth for Spin Society. We launched a fairly bare-bones version of our brand with our first studio to fully understand what we were getting ourselves into. Now, 2 years after our launch, we really zoned in on what makes us Spin Society. With the help from our interior design team at House Of Bohn (for the North Vancouver studio), we came up with the concept of the playground. Every time we sat together to discuss the brand, the word “fun” kept coming up. Then our thoughts wandered to a time where all we wanted was to have fun and that is how the “playground” concept was born. As children, every day we work hard in school looking forward to recess on the playground. Spin Society does exactly that, but for our adult lives. It is a place that gives us permission to fully let go and take time for ourselves. We disconnect from the outside world to reconnect with our body in a supportive and motivational setting. What more could you ask for before or after a tough day at work?

Which instructors were featured in this video?

This video features two of our incredible pillars. Shawn Ayers and Emily Lee have been serving up packed rides, filled with intensity and emotion, since our early days. Want to know just how hard you can push yourself? Book one of their rides.

Something people might be surprised to learn about you or your business?

People are often surprised to learn that I was a bridge engineer before starting Spin Society. I don’t think you could find more polarizing industries than fitness and engineering. Somehow it has all worked out and I am able to use some of the skills I’ve picked up to steer this ship in the right direction.

What other workouts do you mix into your routine? What complements spin?

I personally only make time for spin at the moment. However, some fantastic workouts to complement this high-intensity cardio workout are Lagree West, Barre Fitness, and Yoga. Anything that can slow it down and focus on toning or stretching will complement spin nicely.

In your experience, what makes a studio successful?

The people. Period.

Current favorite spin song?

Jungle – Remix (X Ambassadors, Jamie N Commons, Jay Z)

Now and Later – James Hype Remix (Saje the Gemini)

Word to live by?

I didn’t come this far to come this far.

Spin society has rewritten the rulebook on indoor cycling and you’re invited. Learn more about this growing brand and the people that make it go round.

Book a ride at Spin Society’s new North Vancouver location HERE

Written by noravera
March 17, 2017