The reality of video production

Before receiving your next video advertising budget there are many things to keep in mind. First off, film production is expensive for both parties and includes a lot of time and energy. It is important to understand the realities of video production and what you get for your advertising budget. If you work in marketing and are curious about what goes into a film production day rate- this post is for you!

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Film production involves renting equipment to bring the visuals to life. Behind the day rate is a budget that goes towards renting equipment such as lighting, c-stands, and diffusion. On top of that, you have the camera equipment which for us includes a RED and Canon package accompanied with our cine lenses.

Production Team

In order to capture the intended visuals, you need a team that can pull it all together. The day rate includes a team of creative professionals with specialized skills within the field. At Noravera this includes a Director, Cinematographer, Producer, Production Coordinator, Grip, Art Director, Makeup Artist and Sound Recordist. For smaller productions, we schedule staff based on the scope of services needed.

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Every film is different and comes with a specific look and feel outlined in the creative brief. A quality location is vital as it needs to emulate the scene you are looking to portray. This venue also needs to be able to host your equipment, talent, and makeup artist. Locations are expensive and can be hard to find so make sure to plan ahead.


We recommend hiring talent to star in your videos because of their ability to communicate information effectively and look comfortable on screen. They have experience on-set and understand the work-flow. Hiring talent trained in the art allow us to stay on schedule.

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Travel and Accommodation

On larger scale productions, moving people and equipment can become expensive. If you are scheduled to shoot early in the morning it is best practice to have the talent and staff on-location the night prior. This protects you from any scheduling issues that may arise and keeps the production on track.

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Written by noravera
December 17, 2016