Recruiters Anonymous

Client: Pound & Grain / SAP

Director: Jon Flahr
Producers: Geoff Livingston, Brian Ceci
Production Manager: Jacquie Snyman
Cinematographer: Brian Ceci
Editors: Benjamin Schuetze
1ST AC: Anthony Chopin
Gaffer: James Healey
Sound Operator: Oscar Vargas
Wardrobe: Jessica Clark
Hair and Makeup: Jaclyn Hachey, Nikki McCormack
Starring: Carrie Close, Kaitlyn Williams, Mike Cavers, Eliza Norbury, Aaron Paul Stewart, Susie Lee, Dion Riley

Synopsis: At a recruitment support group, a band of human resources members desperately looking for guidance.
Fun Fact: Filmed overnight at the VanDusen Gardens, over 20 red bulls were consumed by the cast and crew.

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