TRACTION on demand

Year: 2016
Client: Traction on Demand

Dell Boomi

Director: Jon Flahr
Producer: Geoff Livingston
Cinematographer: Brian Ceci
1st Assistant Camera: Callum McGuffie
Starring: Jon Voth
Editor: Jon Flahr
Writer: Jon Flahr
Production Coordinator: Mia Metz

Traction on Demand is an innovative cloud consulting and software development firm with a different way of doing business.  Focusing on their partnerships with Salesforce, Docusign, Dell Boomi, and FinancialForce, our challenge was to create a series of videos conveying extremely complex information in a quick, easy to digest way while engaging viewers.  The first and only thought of the way to do this was, of course, with comedy.

With the help of Traction, we created four scripts which had comedian Jon Voth in our sights to walk through an office environment explaining everything with tongue in cheek precision.  Ping pong balls will fly through the air, thunderous clouds of thought will burst and a trip to the forest leads to the signature of a CEO.  The ideas created by our team were some of the most fun we’ve had in a long time.

Shot over four days, these projects proved the hunger that people have for informative, clever videos, and people do have the appetite for comedy.  Have a watch for yourself.

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