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Year: 2015
Client: Hawksworth Restaurant / Telus
Episode 1 – Vancouver
Episode 2 – Vancouver Competition
Episode 3 – Toronto
Episode 4 – Toronto Competition
Episode 5 – Calgary
Episode 6 – Calgary Competition
Episode 7 – Montreal
Episode 8 – Montreal Competition
Episode 9 – Vancouver Finale Part 1 
Episode 10 – Vancouver Finale Part 2

Directors: Jon Flahr
Producer: Tex Antonucci
Executive Producers: David Hawksworth, John Pantages
Associate Producers: Brian Ceci, Geoff Livingston, Brody Jones
Director of Photography: Brian Ceci
Editor: Jon Flahr
Assistant Editor: Callum McGuffie, Rob Forbes
Dialogue Writer: Sophie Caird
Drone Operator: Geoff Livingston
Special Thanks: Kim Guise, Blair Miller, Prem Gill, Linda Hay

David Hawksworth from Hawksworth and Nightingale Restaurants have been on the forefront of cultivating young chefs across Canada since 2012.  With the help of the Hawksworth Young Chef Scholarship, David has been looking for the top young chefs under 28 in an annual competition to win $10,000 and a chance to stage at any top restaurant in the world.

Our involvement with this project was immense.  From the beginning, the project has been ambitious.  There’s a heat of the competition in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto and Montreal, each of which have 10 participants who cook against the clock.  While in these cities, David visited celebrated chefs in each region, talking about philosophy and what it’s like to grow up in a kitchen and how you come to terms with it.

Our process for this project involved weeks of preparation of scheduling, story and research to make sure that we got what we needed from David’s valuable time.  With 25 days of shooting and 70 days of editing in total, each day was as important as the last to create our vision, a whimsical journey through culinary Canada through the eyes of celebrated chef David Hawksworth.

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