Year: 2016
Client: Gosh PR / Hertz

Director: Jon Flahr
Producer: Brian Ceci, Geoff Livingston
Cinematographer: Brian Ceci
1st Assistant Camera: Callum McGuffie
Production Manager: Rolando Almirante
Production Coordinator: Ramon Peralta
Editor: Callum McGuffie
Drone Operator: Yanelis Velazco

Shooting video in Cuba is no easy task as we discovered and this fact simultaneously had us exercising our expertise as producers and uncovering new realms of paperwork that we’d never encountered.  Because of the protective nature of Cuba as a country, it requires careful processing of visa applications and film permits to bring any camera equipment into this country, and a full time delegate watching our work to make sure the integrity of the country remains.  We hopped on the plane and away we went.

As we rolled into Havana early on Cuba’s Independence Day, the streets were bare and quiet.  The classic American cars that we’ve all seen photographs of were nowhere to be seen. Capturing these classic cars in action was going to be harder than expected. Or so we thought.  A low roar rattled as a 1950s Chevrolet Bel Air whizzed past us.  Then another.  And another.  Phew! As Havana came to life, we explored further into the city, getting a glimpse of the beautifully decrepit buildings that provide the perfect backdrop to the iconic Chevrolets and Cadillacs that we came to capture.

This 5 minute introspective “cinema vérité” looking into Cuban life was extremely fun to create, and had us chasing cars around the city in a mapped out frenzy.  With decorated and chrome polished dashboards, each car is unique and well taken care of. Cubans are proud to be one of the only places in the world where these cars still exist. We wanted to give a varied perspective on this vibrant culture, so we made sure to use many mediums to film this; suction cups, Steadicam and even a drone were used to create this project, set in a linear fashion from day to night.  We did the best we could to give the essence of what it’s like to be there, but let’s be honest, you’ll need to take a trip to Havana to feel it yourself and to see these wonderful cars in action.

This video was played in a drive in theatre in London, England on July 29th, 2016 as part of Car Fest.

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