BCAA’s Carshare in Vancouver, EVO, has been on the rise since it’s inception in 2015.  We’ve created several videos for their promotional material which have totalled nearly 500,000 views on YouTube.

Our most recent, and notable example for this project was the car share’s expansion to North Vancouver. BCAA wanted to drive 30 cars over the Lion’s Gate Bridge alone, all at once. The Lion’s Gate bridge is arguably Vancouver’s most difficult location to film around with heavy traffic day and night, and seaplanes controlling the airspace, it is no easy feat closing down the bridge.  With multiple municipalities and organizations on our side, we were able to obtain all of the necessary permits from the Harbour Tower, Parks Board, Municipalities, Air Traffic control and even the RCMP to make for an unbelievably unique video.


Directors: Geoff Livingston, Jon Flahr
Producer: Geoff Livingston, Brian Ceci
Cinematographer: Brian Ceci
Editor: Jon Flahr, Callum McGuffie, Geoff Livingston
Production Coordinator: Mia Metz
Drone Operator: Patrick Henry
Talent: Jordan Smith, Brianna Wiens, Matt Green
Special Thanks: Grouse Mountain

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