Welcome to North Vancouver

Year: 2016

Client: BCAA / Evo

Director: Geoff Livingston
Producer: Geoff Livingston, Brian Ceci
Cinematographer: Brian Ceci
Editor: Callum McGuffie
Drone Operator: Patrick Henry
Special Thanks: Grouse Mountain

BCAA’s Carshare in Vancouver, EVO, has been on the rise since it’s inception in 2015.  We’ve created several videos for their promotional material which have totaled nearly 500,000 views on YouTube. For their expansion into North Vancouver, BCAA wanted to drive 30 cars over the Lion’s Gate Bridge alone, all at once, while a drone flies beside them, filming the action. Yeah, no problem…

We were only able to close the bridge for two-minute windows at a time, while the police blocked off each end of the bridge. We had volunteers from BCAA to drive each car, and a team on the ground coordinating with radios. We got it after four takes, and everyone let out a collective sigh of relief.

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