Photo trends for 2017

It can be hard to stay ahead of the curve. Explore the visuals trends we think will have a measurable impact in advertising and visual media in 2017.

Visual Reality

A 360 photo allows you to view the scene from every angle. With this platform, you can peer in any direction rather than just looking at a flat, two-dimensional image of a scene. Look for the auditory aspect of VR to be the next bar to hit.

The 90’s are back

As children born in the 90’s become marketing managers and start running social media channels expect a trend of nostalgia. This means bold colorful style, polaroid-like snapshots and close to life images. Expect to see filters on photos that deliver a storytelling effect that digital photos often lack.


We see a trend where people want the cold hard reality as opposed to filtered and carefully presented alternatives. It is a shift towards wellness and meaningful consumption. Look to see more photojournalism, bringing back the raw authenticity to storytelling. It is becoming apparent that people want to see content closer to real life, rather than content made to impress.

Personalized stories

We foresee the demand for photos that exert emotion, grit and real people in action. These are visuals that show the imperfect and messy. A trend towards editorial style will have photographers searching for real life situations, ad hoc style without it being perceived as staged.

Video explodes

Facebook announced that video would be its top priority in 2017. This bolds well for video and the need for it. We see brands looking for footage in 4k accompanied with an abundance of high altitude aerials. Also within the video medium will be an increasing need for GIFS which are popular on social media.


The minimalist lifestyle is definitely trending and will find a way into visual expression in 2017. Look for brands implementing photos of mist, austere environments, and deserted nature. This trend is about removing any distractions through color manipulation. These visuals will be used within graphic design, patterns, and apparel. Minimalistic photos have many uses as they are seen as versatile and offer a range of purposes.

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Written by noravera
January 16, 2017