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Behind the lens with Sam Robinson

Sam Robinson documents a variety of action sports events along the Sea to Sky corridor. Learn more about his path to becoming a visual storyteller.

A 2016 Wrap Up

A look back on a very successful year for Noravera Visuals. Here are some of our highlights from the 2016 calendar year.

The reality of video production

At Noravera we pride ourselves on doing the best quality work at reasonable rates. Learn more about what goes into a film production day rate.

An inside look into Noravera

Take an inside look into Noravera Visuals and learn what it takes to drive imaginative and thoughtful stories by way of video.

Bike to Work Contest

We have teamed up with Two Wheel Gear, Brodie Bikes and Momentum Magazine to give away an awesome prize. Enter to win the Bike to Work Contest.

Behind the scenes with Two Wheel Gear

Behind every brand is a story. Learn more about the conversations that shaped the evolution of this brand.

Six Things to Consider Before Choosing a Video Production Agency

Choosing the right video production agency is an opportunity decision. Here are six things to look for in a video production agency.

Why Noravera shoots with the RED-Epic W

We needed a camera that would be flexible in approach, lightweight in design and portable when in transit. Learn why we went RED.

12 questions with Reuben Krabbe

Reuben Krabbe is a British Columbia based adventure and action sports photographer. Learn more about his craft and creative process.