An inside look into Noravera

In 2012, we opened our doors and entered into the competitive space of film production. Our goal was to engage in meaningful storytelling and be a part of something bigger than ourselves. Have an inside look into Noravera and what it takes to drive imaginative and thoughtful stories by way of video.

The grind

Behind each film, commercial or documentary we release is the pursuit of meeting our clients and personal expectations. Our team is constantly learning new techniques, researching trends and problem-solving within each project. We understand that you won’t have anything handed to you in film production, you need to earn your keep. In truth- we don’t mind burning the midnight oil because we love what we do!


In this business, we believe this means being humble and building a team with internal attributes that will help drive us towards success. At Noravera, this means being a team player and doing what you say you are going to do. Parking your ego at the door and being prepared to show up. Integrity is a very simple concept but goes far in this industry.

Dedication to digging deeper

Each project we produce is original, creative and from scratch. Our team is constantly evolving and coming up with new ways to tell the stories about brands that achieve their marketing objectives. We are constantly discovering creative insights that help us inform the creation of content. Our creative style comes from the pursuit of being different and producing visuals that can’t be replicated.

Your success is our success

There is nothing more important than making sure our clients are happy and feel supported. Client service is something we value at Noravera above everything else. Working towards their marketing and business objectives is why we got into this business in the first place. From this comes referrals and reputation which is the most valuable asset.

Strong work ethic

Building a strong reputation over the years comes from working hard and smart. Our team has learned how to do various tasks quickly and efficiently. This comes from being prepared with the knowledge to carry out our craft. Working hard towards achieving success means taking no shortcuts and having an intense desire to create engaging quality content. Success is not measured by the position that you are in today but the amount of obstacles that you overcome to reach your goal.

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Written by noravera
December 16, 2016