Who we are

Gone are the days where purposeless cookie cutter online content is created.  Businesses need sustainability.  Charitable organizations need heart. Video needs soul.  We had a choice; to sit in the shadows making boring videos or step up and make something that matters.

We started this company in 2012 with one objective; to tell stories of human ambition through immersive, cinematic video- with no bullshit. We’re humble as hell, honest, hardworking and don’t take ourselves too seriously.  

The Difference

There are hundreds of two-person video teams in this country. We’ve been there, and it was fun while it lasted. We’re now a family. A tight-knit, collaborative community of talented individuals we’ve hand-picked (don’t poach us, plz) ourselves. Having a team of people working with us full time means that we’re capable of planning as complex a shoot as you can imagine, seamlessly and with as little dysfunction as possible because we see each other more than our significant others.  Driving 34 cars over the Lion’s Gate Bridge? No problem. Directing a toddler as a child gangster?  You got it.  Smashing delicate objects at 1000 frames per second?  Done.

The idea of creating a video with 311 views on YouTube make us cringe. It defeats the purpose of your investment – your success is ultimately ours. Before the conception of the video, we need to know its exact purpose.  Who needs to see it, where it will live and why it’s being created. After the video is completed, our marketing team will place it in a virtual room of view-hungry-video-monsters to be ingested and fed to the masses.


Geoff Livingston

Co-Founder, Producer

Geoff’s strengths lie in his exceptional ability to connect and engage with people.  As a graduate of BCIT’s Marketing Management program, Geoff’s experience in strategy, communication and management have led Noravera’s team to a reputable brand not only in Vancouver, but across North America and Europe.

As an avid outdoorsman, Geoff is in heaven living in Western Canada and his love for exploring his own backyard have led to countless projects in Canada’s True North (and the inspiration for the name, Noravera).

He started out creating mountain biking and skiing videos and continues to be drawn to projects where he can flex his expertise in extreme sports.

Geoff’s optimism and drive carries over to the effortless way Noravera handles their work; an egoless and seamless production from start to finish.

Brian Ceci

Co-Founder, Cinematographer

There is an emotivity to Brian’s work that goes beyond skill or experience. Though he has plenty of both, he also has the uncanny talent for making the viewer open up and experience the life on screen as though it was their own. In this way, he often creates images filled with nostalgia, longing and excitement.

Growing up in the Pacific North West of Canada, Brian became enamoured by the way light hits the raw beauty of the earth and this connection lies evidently in his cinematic body of work.

He is a world traveller and a true explorer, having visited over 40 countries and counting. He lets each place he visits tell the story and does so in a way that’s almost tangible.

He is dedicated to delivering quality and exploring new avenues as often as possible, which adds to the transformative essence of his work.

Jon Flahr

Creative Director

Jon’s expert ability to direct lies in his deep understanding of filmmaking from concept to completion.  An exceptional editor, Jon has taken his ability to tell stories to set and is often the one writing scripts as well.  He truly sees the bigger picture and is able to marry all the pieces into a united product.

Originally from Kamloops, Jon’s experience speaks volumes. He has worked on dozens of feature film sets as well as directing TV, YouTube pre-roll spots and documentary for Noravera.

His witty personality shines through in his work, as he subtly injects his ‘Flahr-ism’ trademark in everything he does. On set, he is thorough and thought out, knowing just what is needed to capture the story moment.

Callum McGuffie


Callum’s passion for filmmaking began at a young age. His love of the craft and eagerness to learn led him into taking several animation and filmmaking night courses at Capilano University and Langara College, before he even graduated high school.

He later on enrolled at BCIT where he graduated with a Diploma in Television and Media Production, excelling in the program and coming to Noravera as an intern.

After becoming a full time member of Noravera, Callum’s skills and vision as an editor unfolded at a tremendous rate. He is an incredibly hard worker, and will not rest until a project is carried out to its fullest potential. That drive and broadening skill set has turned him into an integral part of the team.

Jacquie Snyman

Production Manager

Jacquie’s role as Production Coordinator goes far beyond keeping the team organized on the daily. She plays an integral part of every moving piece Noravera has, making sure shoots are well planned, executed efficiently and delivered on time and on budget. She handles each project with fervor and whole hearted attention.

Having recently relocated from New Zealand, she has experience in managing the growth of a successful Post Production facility in Auckland and has now had the opportunity to cultivate her ingenuity even further with Noravera.

An avid traveller, Jacquie is also quick on her toes (as you often have to be when on the road) and able to navigate any bumps that may arise with care and skilled precision.

Benny Schuetze

Editor/ Director

Benjamin Schuetze lives in Vancouver working as a director and an editor on documentaries and advertising for film, TV, and web as well as composing music for film and TV. His award- winning short films have screened internationally in festivals and on television (TIFF, FEC, SIFF, WIFF, Enroute, and Canal +) and online, featured twice on Vimeo’s staff picks and on Short of the Week.

He is an alumni of the 2015 Toronto International Festival Talent Lab. In his spare time Benny composes and performs with his band.

Ryan Shanahan

Cinematographer / Editor

Hailing from the land down under, Ryan has a penchant for Fosters Beer and Kangaroos. He loves whistler BC and

Ira Hardy

Motion Graphic Designer

Ira “Falulah” Hardy. Father, Brother, Shoe Lover.