A 2016 Wrap Up

2016 was a very successful year for Noravera Visuals. We saw our team push themselves creatively and produce some of its best work to date. Here are some of our highlights from the 2016 calendar year.

Traveling to Cuba with Hertz

Early this year we had the pleasure of traveling to Cuba to shoot a video for Hertz. Shooting video in Cuba was no easy task and this fact simultaneously had us exercising our expertise as producers and uncovering new realms of paperwork that we’d never encountered. The protective nature of Cuba as a country, required careful processing of visa applications and film permits to bring any camera equipment into this country. After a lot of pre-production and planning we hopped on the plane and away we went.

BCAA wins Marketer of the Year

We pride ourselves on the success of our clients and we couldn’t be happier when BCAA won marketer of the year. Working for BCAA and supporting their Evo Car Share was such a great opportunity for us and presented some exciting challenges. One of which was a video spot we did to showcase EVO’s expansion to the North Shore. This video showcases EVO’s traveling across the Lions Gate Bridge in arguably Vancouver’s most difficult location to film. It was no easy feat closing down the bridge. With multiple municipalities and organizations on our side, we were able to obtain all the necessary permits from the Harbour Tower, Parks Board, Municipalities, Air Traffic Control and even the RCMP to make for an unbelievable unique video.

The success of Mojio 

Mojio is a car connected platform based around a small, internet connect device you plug into your car’s ODB port. We have had the pleasure of working with Mojio since its start-up phase. This year, Mojio contracted us to create a series of videos to support its new partnership with T-Mobile. Our work combined a variety of creative work from film production, storyboarding to motion graphics. We delivered assets within multiple languages and formats. This was a great undertaking for us and we couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. Our Director Jon Flahr and the team really came together for this one and put out a great product.

Giving back 

Supporting non-profits is engrained in the foundation of our business. Using video to support the Obakki FoundationCovenant House and Ronald McDonald House and many others is our way of giving back and using the trade for greater good. We look forward to growing these relationships and finding new ways to support in 2017.

Noravera grows to keep pace

Years of hard work have led to more referrals and ultimately the opportunity to expand our business. Jacquie Snyman joined us from New Zealand where she ran and organized a Post Production house. Tom Finkle moved from Toronto to handle our Business Development and help us expand our services within social media and content marketing. Bennie Schuetze joined our editing team and adds years of experience and accolades within the field of filmmaking.

More highlights

  • Uncovering stories with BC Dairy: Over the course of the year we had the pleasure of documenting BC Dairy Farmers. We have been touched by their kindness, hospitality, and stories.
  • Navio at the Creek: It was a pleasure working with Concert Properties and using video to showcase the lifestyle and sustainability of this new development.
  • Pound and Grain: We are so grateful for the opportunities and trust they have put into our team. Looking forward to new milestones in 2017!
  • New Camera Equipment includes a new RED Epic W camera which opens new doors for us as filmmakers. We can now shoot in 8K resolution offering countless possibilities within our post production workflow.
  • New Website courtesy the talented team over at Ballentine Media.

To all our clients who supported us and the amazing talent that contributed to our work- we thank you!

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Written by noravera
December 20, 2016